I am an associate professor in the math department at Texas A&M University. Before arriving here I was a Boas Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. I received my Ph.D from Stanford University in 2010. I was a student of Rafe Mazzeo and András Vasy. I am supported by NSF CAREER grant DMS-1654056.

My CV is available here: CV

I can be reached at dbaskin ‘at’ math.tamu.edu. If you are inquiring about a course I am teaching, please contact mem instead at dbaskin ‘at’ tamu.edu.

My research is in partial differential equations generally and in geometric microlocal analysis more specifically. I am particularly interested in the study of wave-like equations on singular backgrounds.

If you are a student interested in working with me, you should take the real analysis qualifying exam (the complex analysis qualifying exam is OK, too, but the real analysis exam is preferable). For the other qualifier, you should likely take the geometry/topology exam, as much of the analysis I do takes place on manifolds.